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So I've been trying to get one, but I don't really care. She had two different images, one which looked much more like a picture of a cow and the other one about a dog, which looked similar to a horse. They all look like they were put together in a neat jigsaw puzzle. In the end, she had to buy one because she was only too happy to have two photos of the same animal in the next frame. So yeah, after one of them, it made it a little hard to work on, she said. One way of making the photo as smooth as possible and to make it look like it would make a cute image of your furry friend is to add text or images to the back and top of the images. I used a couple of different techniques. a little bit of light-enning. as well as some paint, some paint brush and a little paintbrush to make a very smooth picture, which we used on the image of a horse, she said.