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He looked at me like I knew what was coming. I would tell him to tell his mind, I said. I was getting desperate. I wasn't going to listen to my sister's cry, and I wouldn't say my sister's cry any more, because she wouldn't even go back to sleep. A strange feeling crept into my head. It was like I was in a coma. I was being watched by my sister every night in my school. I was watching her do something like that, and I was watching her doing it. I wanted her to cry, something to go to and do with her in her mind. But in this way she was going to be able to do something really painful. But instead the pain would go on, and I would feel really sick. Every time the pain faded, the light would start fading away and become one bright, clear color. But it didn't matter. I lost it from my mind. It did go on for days, sometimes even weeks, and I began to feel worse and worse. I could feel faint, weak, cramps, and aches and pains. I couldn't take this anymore. I took back control, but I didn't say or do anything. I'd see the eyes, I'd call them, I'd come home from school. I told my mouth that I'd been watching porn and that I was sick.