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No, they won't at least be able to get a few of them to tell us why we feel compelled to speak out against their actions. A few weeks ago, I told my former partner, a college professor in the UK who works at a large health and environmental think tank, that I don't really care much for her views on Islam. I really don't, she said. She wasn't angry that I told her I never thought about these points. She didn't care about the fact that I don't believe in the Quran's infallible authority of Prophet Muhammad, or the fact that God's own prophets were so well known. But she's not the first to tell people to leave it at that. Women in this country are often subject to the same abuses as men, and have the highest rate of mental health problems — mental health issues, for example — that men have. Women are not just targets of discrimination when they are accused, they're also, often, targets of abuse that men are subjected to. In a report released in February by the Center for Men & Masculinity at George Mason University, researchers found in women across the country that when they were pressured to sign a sexual harassment and assault report, they were less likely to report their own experiences to the police, report victims to shelters or to other services.